With Marcil Lavallée, you benefit from a close partnership with our team reflected by quick feedback, clear explanations and advice tailored to your reality. In short, you’re teaming up with a committed business partner. Knowing your finances are in good hands enables you to concentrate on what really matters to you.

It is your turn to... Experience Marcil Lavallée!
Marie-Claude Doucet
Executive Director | MIFO | since 2003

Passionate about dancing since she was just a little girl, Marie-Claude Doucet found interest and got actively involved in arts and sports early on. Lead facilitator of the MIFO starting in 1996, and Executive Director since 2003, Mrs. Doucet emphasizes the importance of Marcil Lavallée's understanding of the Franco-Ontarian reality. The support and guidance provided by her accounting experts allow her to truly invest herself in the MIFO's future.

Pierre Ménard
Owner | La Boite à Grains | since 1980

Mr. Ménard is the founding owner of La Boite à Grains. Inspired by his mother who, ahead of her time, was quite aware of healthy foods, he truly believes in the benefits of natural products. When he first opened his business in 1980, he dreamed he could change the world. Today, La Boite à Grains has 3 branches, about 90 staff members and serves over 7,000 clients each week. For Mr. Ménard, it is not only Marcil Lavallée's expertise he appreciates but the genuine human relationship he has with the team. Thanks to thorough explanations, he feels confident he's making informed decisions to continue growing his business.

Alain Veilleux
Co-President | OrthoCanada | since 1997

Alain Veilleux learned many basic entrepreneurial skills as a teen thanks to his family's sugar shack. Motivated by the positive impact he can have on other people's lives, Mr. Veilleux is now Co-President of OrthoCanada, a leader in the physiotherapy industry. His business evolved quite a bit since it was founded in 1997. As it grew larger, Marcil Lavallée became a key partner, in part due to their sharp expertise in taxation—an asset Mr. Veilleux particularly appreciates. He also states that their healthy and reassuring partnership contributes without a doubt to OrthoCanada's success.

Kelly Storie
Co-Executive Director and Finance Director | La Siembra | since 2012

Mrs. Storie has always been sensitive to what was fair and just in the world. That led her to become the co-executive director and finance director of La Siembra, who owns the Camino brand. This workers' co-operative became the first registered importers of fairtrade certified cocoa and sugar in North America. Today, La Siembra works directly with 18 producer co-ops, supporting more than 36,000 small family farmers in 9 countries. Throught the expansion of their new warehouse, Marcil Lavallée helped them strenghten their balance sheet and showed them how to better use their cooperative capital to support and strengthen their mission objectives, amongst other things. According to Mrs. Storie, Marcil Lavallée is a true partner. She's grateful for their hard work and ongoing support.

Mark Chatel
President | Balestra Productions | since 2004

As a child, M. Chatel could spend hours making up stories and playing out scenarios with his Smurfs figurines. It's no suprise that as a grown up he's a television producer and director! Traveling all over the world for work, it's truly priceless for M. Chatel to be able to fully concentrate on his passion while knowing that his team of financial experts ensure his financial health. Whether it is an urgent or a simple daily file that needs to be dealt with, he knows Marcil Lavallée will provide him with peace of mind and creative solutions.

Lucie Beaupré
President and Medical Director | Dr. Beaupré's Varicose Veins Clinic | since 1989

Dr. Beaupré has been treating varicose veins, doing phlebology, for over 30 years. During those years, she found interesting to see multiple generations of women come to her clinic in order to prevent the daughter from ending up with legs like her mother's and grandmother's. About 10 years ago, Dr. Beaupré started working with Marcil Lavallée. She had been pleasantly surprised by their suggestion to train someone in her office to do the clinic's bookkeeping with them simply providing ongoing support. This solution not only spares her some expenses, it provides peace of mind to Dr. Beaupré.

Frédéric Vézina
CPA Auditor | Marcil Lavallée | since 2015

During a mathematics class in Secondary 4, a discussion about taxation sparked Mr. Vézina’s interest. The rules and regulations related to taxation called to him. That's when he started thinking of a career in accounting. He went on with his studies, winning a trophy at the 2015 Jeux du commerce. He clearly remembers the pride he felt facing the judges, as he and his team managed to successfully answer the questions and bring forth good solutions. He saw it as a validation that he was pursuing the right career path. As a CPA Auditor at Marcil Lavallée, Frédéric Vézina enjoys working with a team of passionate people and building close relationships with clients. Passionate about his work, he compares the attention given to a client’s financial statements to the care given by a doctor to his patients’ health. 

Tania Milonas
CPA Auditor | Marcil Lavallée | since 2016

Daughter of two entrepreneurs, Tania Milonas demonstrated her love for numbers quite early on. For example, she always wanted to have the role of the bank or the petty-cash whenever playing games. She would even invent investments with interest rates for her cousins. Now a CPA Auditor, Mrs. Milonas strongly appreciates the diversity of Marcil Lavallée's clients. She finds rewarding to use her love of accounting in a way that reduces her clients' burden.

Harry A. Gregoropoulos
Senior Legal Counsel | Low Murchison Radnoff LLP | since 2012

As a young man, Mr. Gregoropoulos' father involved him in multiple business dealings and gave him the opportunity to participate in important meetings. Later on, his sports career taught him to always reach for success and to rise above challenges. Mr. Gregoropoulos was very impressed with Marcil Lavallée's professionalism as well as their ability to connect with the client during a complex cross-border commercial transaction. He has since witnessed their passion and their proficiency at identifying each client's needs.

Yasin Guducu
CPA Intern | Marcil Lavallée | since 2018

Mr. Guducu was always passionate about numbers. Able to overcome past difficulties thanks to his parents' encouragements, he now greets challenges with a positive attitude. As a CPA Intern at Marcil Lavallée, Yasin Guducu is especially appreciative of the associates' support, of his interactions with clients and of the team dynamics. He is proud that his explanations help clients and highlights the importance of the human aspect of Marcil Lavallée.

Laurent Bellavance
Owner | Urban Quarry | since 1986

Mr. Bellavance comes from a large family of entrepreneurs. At only 16 years old, he aspired to have his own business before the age of 30, and that's exactly what he did. Urban Quarry specializes in the construction of kitchen counters and fireplace facades. Mr. Bellavance's business growth exceeded his expectations. Now, with the help of Marcil Lavallée, he is preparing to transfer his business to his children. His long-standing relationship with Marcil Lavallée brings him peace of mind.

Jessie Couture
CPA, CA, Manager | Marcil Lavallée | since 2012

As a young girl, a career in accounting was far from Jessie's thoughts. In fact, it is only when an opportunity came up during her teen years that she started exploring accounting. It is at that moment that she developed precious values, which still inhabit her today. Jessie values working in a French-speaking environment and she loves to interact with people. Being part of a team motivates her and perseverance is one of her greatest qualities. Jessie gets filled with pride when she hands in quality work, knowing that she is supported by an entire team of passionate and dedicated professionals like her.

Benoît Hubert
President and Owner | PGF Consultants | since 2007

Mr. Hubert has been a strong believer in the importance of community since his early teens. In high school and at university, he liked bringing people together. Yearning to one day purchase a business, he approached Valérie Marcil, Associate at Marcil Lavallée, in the hopes of making his dream become reality. Valérie and her team answered Mr. Hubert's questions, addressed his concerns and accompanied him throughout the entire process. Owner of PGF Consultants since 2007, Mr. Hubert and his team participate in a variety of canadian and international projects, support various organizations and help them develop strategies to improve their capacity.